Finding relief from pain: a tale of two approaches

How you view others may determine your age

Here’s a cautionary tale about prescription pain medication straight from a law school friend of mine. A number of years ago Chris was driving home from St. Louis. It was getting late and there wasn’t a radio station to be found.  As the miles bled away, with not a car in sight, he reached into […]

How You View Others May Determine Your Age

How you view others may determine your age

Recently, I was on my way to the barbershop, ok hair-stylist, talking with a family member about graying hair. I’m sporting a bit of salt and pepper and we were laughing about how that makes men look more distinguished. It turns out although she has beautiful brown hair, she has been graying longer than she wanted to […]

Overcoming PTSD – The Possibility of Healing

Overcoming PTSD - The Possibility of Healing

The news coverage on returning soldiers does not paint a pretty picture. Over the past few months PTSD, or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, as defined by American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), has been a prominent topic in the news. Statistics about those who are suffering, incidents of violence tied to […]

Weight loss and the Placebo Effect

Weight loss and the Placebo Effect

As I was eating my egg white omelette and peas – yes, peas – for breakfast, I ran across an article in my newsfeed unceremoniously informing me that eating breakfast is not as important as once thought. Breakfast may not in fact jump start the metabolism as many studies have found. What? I’m sure many […]

Marijuana – Finding Freedom from Addiction

Marijuana - Finding Freedom from Addiction

A few weeks ago a college student from a university in Colorado came into an interview with a recruiter from a large national corporation (the recruiter reported to a friend of mine who heads up university relations and college recruiting). Based on telltale signs around smoking marijuana, she asked the student if he was high […]

To improve your health, change your mental zip code

To improve your health, change your mental zip code

Right now there are a number of conversations going on about how your physical address might affect your health. Which begs the question – if you’re experiencing bad health, or bad health seems to be the trend in your community, should you move to a so-called healthier community? city? or even state? What if your […]

What’s Meditation and Mindfulness Got to Do with Productivity in the Workplace?

What’s meditation and mindfulness got to do with productivity in the workplace?

One of the many lessons I learned in my legal career was the importance of taking time out of my day to meditate and pray. And those times that I didn’t take time for myself, I saw a distinct difference in my mood, my stress level, my ability to work, and my attitude. And those […]

How mental dieting can contribute to weight loss

rejoicing in nature

Dieting trends and fads seem to be as numerous as the stars.  Yet watching food intake, exercise and counting calories in whatever dietary form that might take is not all that can be done to be healthier and to lose weight.  Watching how you think about self-image – mental dieting – has emotional and physical […]

Healthy approaches to the stress and trauma of a natural disaster.

Healthy approaches to the stress and trauma of a natural disaster.

The aftermath of traumatic events like the wildfires in the Southwest and Mountain States as well as flooding in places like Colorado – where 24 counties are still affected, Colorado United – continues to have long term effects on families and business. These effects certainly include a toll on health and wellbeing. In the face […]

Is a Meaningful Life More Important than Diet and Exercise?

Meaningful Life More Important Than Diet and Exercise?

While it may be difficult to dispute the inevitability of aging, do we have to accept that it will come with certain predetermined negative effects? Recently, I came across a young girl with bleach blonde highlights, practicing her skateboarding in an elementary school parking lot.  She was decked out in wrist guards, elbow pads, knee […]